Retaining Me As Your Expert – The Process

To initiate a consultation with me, complete the consultation request form on the “Contact” page or call me at 650-577-8635. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

During that initial consultation, we will discuss your case with particular attention to what went wrong and who the negligent parties may be. At that time, or in response to your earlier email request, I will provide you with my fee schedule.

Should you decide to retain me, you will need to send me the records to be reviewed along with a retainer. The amount of the retainer will vary depending on the volume of records to be reviewed and whether or not you want me to produce a written report or affidavit along with my review of records. I understand that I may need to proceed without a retainer in those defense cases which are only paid by invoice for completed services rendered.

After I finish my review of the records, I will schedule a telephone consultation with you to discuss the case. Some cases are straightforward and do not require much explanation; whereas, other cases are exceedingly complex and may engender a lengthy explanation of the medical issues that have informed my opinions. I always endeavor to make the medicine understandable and the reasons for my opinions clear and defensible.

If you then name me as your designated emergency medicine expert in the case, I will submit to you a one-page agreement regarding my services which will need to be signed. All subsequent work will be by retainer, any unused portion of which will be refunded should the case settle and/or my services are no longer needed.