Why Choose Me As An Expert?

I am prepared to consult on any case that involves the Emergency Department. Some of those cases will turn out to have no merit; some will have merit; and, in some, there will be a breach of duty on the part of a practitioner in another specialty but no breach attributable to the emergency physician or Emergency Department provider.

From the perspective of plaintiff’s attorney

My goal is to evaluate the medical merit of a case and determine which practitioner may have performed below the standard of care. In those cases with merit, my opinion will help you focus your attention on the appropriate defendant. In those cases that lack merit, my opinion can save you from taking a case that should not be pursued.

From the perspective of the defense attorney

My goal is to find evidence that the standard of care was met by the Emergency Department provider or that there was no causation between the care that was provided and the bad outcome.  If my review of the case reveals that both negligence and causation are present, my goal is to explain that reality to the attorney in order to help promote the settlement process.

Medical Experience

I have practiced emergency medicine for 37 years, and I have been consulting with attorneys on medical malpractice issues for the past 20 years. I have been deposed 50 plus times and have been accepted as an expert in emergency medicine at trials in the States of California, Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

In any case where an Emergency Department physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner is accused of negligence, I am qualified to review that case and offer opinions. Below is a sample list of the kinds of cases I have reviewed as a consulting expert in emergency medicine:

Myocardial infarction (heart attack), cerebrovascular accident (stroke), traumatic brain injury, sepsis, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection, aortic aneurysm, compartment syndrome, missed fractures (neck, spine & long bones), eye injury, testicular torsion, ectopic pregnancy, drug overdose, suicidal ideation and diabetic crisis.

As an emergency physician, I have to manage the emergent manifestations of any and all medical, surgical and psychiatric problems in all age groups that may present to the Emergency Department.  Obviously, knowledge about these problems overlaps with the expertise of those physicians who specialize in each of the fields most directly related to the problem at hand.

While I am not a cardiologist or a neurologist, I am an expert in emergency medicine cardiology and emergency medicine neurology.

Similarly, on the basis of my training and experience, I lay claim to the following areas of expertise, including but not necessarily limited to:

  • Emergency Medicine Toxicology
  • Emergency Medicine Infectious Disease
  • Emergency Medicine Obstetrics
  • Emergency Medicine Gynecology
  • Emergency Medicine Orthopedics
  • Emergency Medicine Pulmonology
  • Emergency Medicine Hematology
  • Emergency Medicine Pediatrics
  • Emergency Medicine Radiology
  • Emergency Medicine Allergy
  • Emergency Medicine Otolaryngology
  • Emergency Medicine Ophthalmology
  • Emergency Medicine Dermatology
  • Emergency Medicine Gastroenterology
  • Emergency Medicine Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Head Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Hand Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Spine Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Neck Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Chest Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Abdominal Trauma
  • Emergency Medicine Wound Care
  • Emergency Medicine Psychiatry

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